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Game Summary

An ancient darkness is returning to the world and you must go out to uncover where it is coming from, and eventually put an end to it before it goes out of control.

MonsterStone: Prelude is a relaxing adventure game where you will be exploring beautiful handcrafted worlds and harvesting, as well as managing, their resources. You will be using what you find to upgrade your tools, solve quests, progress through levels and further the story.


We would like to invite you and your friends to play an early version of our game, for free! You can help us out by spending a few seconds filling out a quick questionnaire. Your feedback will be much appreciated and help make MonsterStone: Prelude a reality!

Link to the questionnaire:



W,A,S,D - move camera

Q,E - rotate camera

Left Mouse Button - interact with everything

Scroll wheel - zoom in and out

X - toggle UI visibility

Inspiration For The Concept

The idea came from how games in the idle game genre tend to be the types of games that you "play to not play", yet they still have a captivating ability to make us engage with them. Consider MonsterStone: Prelude as an attempt at evolving the genre, by borrowing RPG and strategy game elements to make a more engaging experience. If done right, the result should be an incremental game-like experience, where you feel like you get to play the game, without the need to let it sit idle and wait in order to progress.

Current Features

  • Exploration
  • Resource harvesting
  • Quests
  • Story elements
  • Ability to bookmark  5 levels for revisits
  • Secrets
  • Tool upgrades
  • Production buildings
  • Processing buildings
  • Various level themes
  • Beatable levels
  • Save/load progress
  • Infinite progression
  • Many resource types
  • Auto harvesters
  • Tier 1 resources, upgrades and enemies

Desirable Future Additions

There are a lot of features that would be great additions to the game, but consider some elements on this list as a suggested direction, rather than a finalized list of guaranteed features.

  • Add sounds & music
  • Custom character artwork
  • Puzzles
  • Boss fights
  • Profile creation/selection
  • Accessibility
  • Improved UI interactions
  • Game modes (e.g. infinite and story mode)
  • Graphics optimizations and settings
  • More levels
  • Tier 2->5 resources, upgrades and enemies

System Requirements

There is a high and a low quality version of the game, if you have issues running the high quality version, try out the other one. The difference lies in which shaders are used, where the low quality version does not use vertex offset shaders.

You can also lower the quality settings in the launcher, which will mostly affect shadows and lighting.


The game is still in early development, so expect bugs, missing features and little optimization.


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